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Connecting People to Jesus to Experience Life

Our name is Antioch Church to remind us that we are a community of people who love and reach the world just as the first Antioch Church did in the Bible in the book of Acts  (Acts 11 & 13).


Our goal is to connect the estimated 100,000 lost people in Simi Valley to Jesus by mobilizing Christ followers to make disciples who make disciples and to touch the nations by starting new and partnering with existing disciple making movements to connect the estimated 5 billion lost people around the world to Jesus. We call this 100K5B.

Image by Levi Jones


We belong to a global movement of churches known as the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. For information about our movement, please visit the website.

With Jesus, Like Jesus,
For Jesus

Our why or passion compels us to make more and better followers of Jesus by guiding people to live a life of intimacy with Jesus, a life of obedience like Jesus, and a life of multiplication for Jesus.


Jesus tells us to pray for His kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matt. 6:9-10). Our dream is to see this accomplished in Simi Valley as it is in heaven. What does it look like? It looks like the description of heaven in Revelation 7:9-10 where people from every language, ethnicity, and nation are present with Jesus. 



As we strive to connect people to Jesus to experience life, we realize we can’t do it alone. This is why we partner together with other like-minded organizations and ministries to fulfill God’s purpose in our city and the world. Follow the links to discover more about each of our partners.

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