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We all long for transformation in our lives, but struggle to experience it. The good news is that change is possible when we understand and learn to live the life that Jesus lived. Through a deep and intimate relationship with Him catalyzed by living in rythmn of life He modeled for us, we can know God, understanding ourselves, and embrace of life of impact for His purpose.


The Catalyst process is a 24-week journey to become more like Jesus by learning to live in the rhythm of life that Jesus lived. By agreeing to participate in Catalyst you are committing to the following…


  •       Watching weekly videos

  •       Participating in weekly Zoom calls (Wednesdays @ 7pm)

  •       Completing weekly Bible reading and action steps

  •       Participating in dinners (3 total)

  •       Weekly time commitment (including Zoom calls): 3 hours


The next Catalyst cohort begins September 14. Follow the link below to register. For questions or more information, please contact Nate Fortin.


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