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Our new monthly rhythm in Youth Ministry will be dinner together at a leader's house, Core Groups (aka Small Groups), an event night and a regular youth group night with worship and a sermon. All information about offsite locations and event specifications will be emailed to parents before the day of. If you would like to be added to this list, please email Pastor Lauren.

For any questions or further information, please reach out to Pastor Lauren.


Winter Camp prices were just released and registration is officially open. We are going to Winter Camp January 26th-28th. The cost for camp is $200 per student if you register BEFORE December 20th and then jumps to $250 after that. This camp will sell out as it is the only Winter Camp being offered at Cedar Crest this year. This means that in order to guarantee a spot, you should register ASAP.


For your student to be fully registered, you must complete the following:

  1. Complete the Youth Brushfire Registration form. (you will need to pay a small fee to secure your spot through Brushfire, this is not a part of the cost for camp listed above / our password is: theyoungSV)

  2. Complete the Winter Camp Permission/Registration Form and turn in. (either physical copy or email to Pastor Lauren)

  3. Have your students complete the The Young Camp Contract. (either physical copy or email to Pastor Lauren)

  4. Complete the payment for your student. (please make a check out to “Antioch Church” and put “Youth Camp” in the memo or bring cash in with the physical copies of your paperwork)

We will leave January 26th at 12pm from the Antioch Church parking lot and will return around 12pm on January 28th to the Antioch Church parking lot.

Also, camp registration costs are a great thing to mention to family members and relatives asking "what do I get your kid for Christmas?" -- it's a great opportunity for them to invest in what God is doing in the life of your student!

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